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Kickstart Learning Perl 6!

I need everyone's help! Perl 6 had its Christmas release, it's mostly easy to install now, and the language is stable enough that something I write this year will most likely be true next year. O'Reilly wants to publish it and we already have a mock-up of a cover. I want to write this book but I need some financial space to make it possible.


Contribute to Pinto through Paypal or Flattr

My experiment to crowd fund Jeff Thalhammer's Pinto development is going well. It's 87% of the way there. We need $503 to reach the campaign minimum. We have a week left to get that remaining 13% to get the campaign to "tilt", and I think we can get even more than that. Our secondary money goal is $5,000, all of which goes to Jeff to work on open source features of Pinto. I like $6425 (two perfect squares next to each other). That's 0b0001100100011001 (repeats the bit pattern) or 0x1919 (repeated, and the…

Crowd funding Pinto

Can the Perl community directly fund a major project? I think we can, and we're 15% of the way there to funding Specify module version ranges in Pinto. There are some developers who are so valuable that I think the community should step up to release them from the shackles of the day job.


I've been pla…

My Catincan funded cpan(1) fastest mirror enhancement

I've completed the cpan(1) fastest mirror enhancement I described in Perl in Catincan, an open source crowd funding proposal. I wanted to test this new crowd-funding system on something small. Everything worked out and "Perl" is the first project to have a fully funded feature implemented. There were some bumps because I was the first, but once I sent in my bank details, I had the money in a day. The code stuff is done, and once releases a few things in my pull…

Perl in Catincan, an open source crowd funding proposal

I've proposed a "Perl" project on Catincan, a new crowd funding site targeted at open source software. They've said that the first 25 projects to be fully funded have their fees waived for life. That is, if a Perl project gets funded, we have a crowd sourcing platform where the developer gets all the money.

That fee waiver is interesting. I've looked at many crowd funding sites. Most at least charge the credit car…

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