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Parsing JSON with a single regex

For my presentation to the Houston Perl mongers tonight, I'm talking about Randal Schwartz's regex to parse JSON.

Velociraptor Perl Nerd Merit Badge

I've updated the Perl Nerd Merit Badge campaign with a candidate design using the velociraptor from Sebastian's perl-raptor repo. If you want a badge, pledge $8 to the campaign.


If you would like to get such a badge but can't use Crowdtilt, let me know how you'd like to pay and I'll reserve a b…

Perl::Critic for the Camel

Tom C. meditated in Perl Monks that he wants Perl::Critic policies to go with the recommendations from Programming Perl, 4th Edition, Chapter 21.

I started it by creating the perl-critic-policy-camel GitHub repo, which is now a bare distribution structure. Now it can accept pull requests. :)

The next step is probably to make a concise list of the recommendations from Chapt…

Comma quibbling in Perl

Sinan posted his answer to a Eric Lippert's comma quibbling exercise. There are a couple of Perl solutions in Rosetta Code.

Eric says:

I am particularly interested in solutions which make the semantics of the code very clear to the code maintainer.

Sinan's answer works. He handles the cases where the array reference has zero, one, and and more than one elements. In his solution for more than one ele…

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