Parsing JSON with a single regex

For my presentation to the Houston Perl mongers tonight, I'm talking about Randal Schwartz's regex to parse JSON.


Very cool. Are there other parsers implemented as a single regex (I guess Regexp::Grammar-based ones count too)? I'll be starting a quest to catalog those.

This is quite awesome, just another reason why Perl's regular expression capabilities are still unmatched.

Awesome. XML parser next?

I have been promising for 2 years a YAPC::NA that I will finish up my giant XML Regex and get it on CPAN (I'm leaning towards ACME::XML:RegEx for a name)

I think I've managed to get a standards complaint expression for standalone="yes" documents, but the second you throw in an external subset a static parse is impossible. The parsing rules become dependent on the semantic meaning of previously parsed tokens.

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