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I learn something about tell(), then abuse it.

I learned a new thing today, or remembered a forgotten one. I can use tell to affect the file handle that $. uses.

It all started very simply. I was going too far in my answer to How do I add the elements of a file to a second one as columns using Perl?, a question I found by looking for the most down voted open questions without an accepted answer. As usual, I thought the answer would be easy. And, for the most part it was.

Then …

How should conference speakers be compensated?

Curtis Poe, one of the top presenters in the world of Perl (and testing and ...) recently posted How Do Conference Speakers Get Compensated? in LinkedIn. There had been a bit of a kerfuffle on the YAPC Europe Conference Organizers mailing list after some mail that would have been better handled in private email.

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