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The indirect benefits for Perl on LinkedIn

In response to one of my posts about the Advanced Perl Users Group, @belden asked me how I find LinkedIn useful:


A better LinkedIn makes the world a slightly better place for me. Our ill-defined, disparate, and disperse community has many parts that can be improved and I spend a couple of minutes each morn…

Endorsing Perl skills

LinkedIn recently changed its endorsements so that you can target specific skills in your connections. I was presented with some prompts that I found amusing, as if the entire universe already knew this:

Of course, LinkedIn is a trust network. Things like these endorsements, or the CPAN Developers Group and the ="ht…

Revitalizing LinkedIn's Advanced Perl Users Group

Deven Corzine is revitalizing the Advanced Perl Users group on LinkedIn, and I've volunteered to help. We're going through all of the join requests to approve everything we can, delete the obvious spam and HR requests, and figure out what to do with the rest.

But, besides clearing out the backlog, I want to quadruple the number of members in the group by the end of summer (which is sooner than Christmas). We have 250 members right now. I want that to be 1,000.

LinkedIn is essentially a trust network that relies on connect…

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