Endorsing Perl skills

LinkedIn recently changed its endorsements so that you can target specific skills in your connections. I was presented with some prompts that I found amusing, as if the entire universe already knew this:

Of course, LinkedIn is a trust network. Things like these endorsements, or the CPAN Developers Group and the Advanced Perl Users Group, let someone outside the Perl universe know one person inside then discover trustable people they don't know. With so many companies looking hard to find good Perl programmers, your endorsement might be able to help a friend who's a good programmer but not highly discoverable.

I was amused at a few other possible endorsements. Does Randal Schwartz know Perl?

Is Damian Conway good at public speaking? I can endorse him, although they don't have a button for "Everyone else should just give up":

Right after I finished my LinkedIn tasks, I watched Rachel Botsman's "The Currency of the New Economy is Trust" TED Talk, which just happened to be next in my podcast feed. She mentions Stackoverflow:

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