German Perl Workshop 2014 - New ACT design live - T-246 days

We're happy to announce that our advance notice about our new ACT design for GPW 2014 now officially reached the production system. Have a look at the German Perl Workshop 2014 homepage and feel free to comment the new design below.



Why is the “ACT Navigation” label there? It seems more like a comment the webdesigner left for himself… more than describing something to the visitor. If that box needs a label, how about “This conference”, as a complement to the (much more useful) “Other ACT conferences” label on the box below? (Or is this a comment I should be directing to the ACT developers instead of you people?)

I have to admit I really miss the yellow gradient with the camel train at the top. That was the visual identity of the Deutscher Perl Workshop to me. These new colors – they definitely work better, and I can even imagine the reasons that led to these choices… but they just don’t have as much personality. The old design looked amateurish – but it was distinctive.

On the purely technical side though (esp. the rearranged navigation with the major pages listed at the top) – this is doubleplus good. Much clearer structure.

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