How to create an installable web application with config/data/bin stuff?

I'm writing a Dancer2 web application which contains configuration (config.yml, development.yml, production.yml, and-so-on.xml), application data (js, css, templates) and application binary (Perl bootstrapper, Perl tools) parts.

Usualy a web distribution is installed via extracting a ZIP file and there you have your e.g. /public, /environments, /lib and /bin. You start your web application with perl ./bin/ or similar.

What I currently think about is to actual install a Dancer2 web application like normal (linux/unix) applications would do. So /public would end up at /usr/share/mydist/public, /views would be /usr/share/mydist/views, /environments including /config.yml are located at /etc/mydist/environments and /etc/mydist/config.yml. /logs moved to /var/log/mydist and /lib is system wide installed like you install a normal dist with cpan. Scripts in /bin would "installed" to /usr/bin

Assuming I use Dist::Zilla to create dists how could I achieve this?

I remember there was a previous discussion about installing web application with CPAN but I can't find it anymore. Neither - IIRC - was the discussion concluded.

German Perl Workshop 2014 - Talks available on YouTube - T+25 days

A good three weeks have passed since the 16th German Perl Workshop in Hanover took place, and we are happy to anounce that we are now done processing the videos of the talks. You can find the playlist on YouTube. Don't forget to switch to HD as it took us a long time to upload everything in 1080p.

We would like to thank all the speakers for giving their permission to make these videos public and hope you will enjoy them.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Just 20 tickets left - T-14 days

There are only two weeks left until the start of the 16th German Perl Workshop 2014 in Hannover. Preparations have reached an intense stage by now. We were able to acquire two more sponsors: Spark 5 and Six Apart. Participation is also looking good, there are only 20 remaining tickets.

Post by Perleone.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Payment now possible - T-70 days

We have enabled the Act payment functionality for GPW2014. You can now pay for your tickets and receive your invoices. As a matter of fact we have now finalized our ticket prices.

If you want to take advantage of the early bird rebate you have to hurry. This phase ends at the end of January 2014.

We would also like to thank STRATO AG for sponsoring us.

Since our talk schedule is full we are now closing submissions. Lightning talks can still be submitted via email or during the workshop.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Guest of honor and more sponsors - T-137 days

Thanks to more new sponsors (think project! and Sophos, among others) we can make GPW2014 even better. Thanks for that!

We are also proud to have Curtis "Ovid" Poe as a guest speaker. Among other things, he is the author of the Beginning Perl and Perl Hacks books and helps expats work in Perl jobs with his company All Around the World.

One more reminder: The early workshop bird catches the Perl worm. So sign up now and save $$, and don't forget to submit your talks!