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German Perl Workshop 2014 - Talks available on YouTube - T+25 days

A good three weeks have passed since the 16th German Perl Workshop in Hanover took place, and we are happy to anounce that we are now done processing the videos of the talks. You can find the playlist on YouTube. Don't forget to switch to HD as it took us a long time to upload everything in 1080p.

We would like to thank all the speakers for giving their permission to make these videos public and hope you will enjoy them.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Just 20 tickets left - T-14 days

There are only two weeks left until the start of the 16th German Perl Workshop 2014 in Hannover. Preparations have reached an intense stage by now. We were able to acquire two more sponsors: Spark 5 and Six Apart. Participation is also looking good, there are only 20 remaining tickets.

Post by Perleone.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Payment now possible - T-70 days

We have enabled the Act payment functionality for GPW2014. You can now pay for your tickets and receive your invoices. As a matter of fact we have now finalized our ticket prices.

If you want to take advantage of the early bird rebate you have to hurry. This phase ends at the end of January 2014.

We would also like to thank STRATO AG for sponsoring us.

Since our talk schedule is full we are now closing submissions. Lightning talks can still be submitted via email or during the workshop.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Guest of honor and more sponsors - T-137 days

Thanks to more new sponsors (think project! and Sophos, among others) we can make GPW2014 even better. Thanks for that!

We are also proud to have Curtis "Ovid" Poe as a guest speaker. Among other things, he is the author of the Beginning Perl and Perl Hacks books and helps expats work in Perl jobs with his company All Around the World.

One more reminder: The early workshop bird catches the Perl worm. So sign up now and save $$, and don't forget to submit your talks!


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Status and Call for Papers - T-153 days

The organizing has been pretty smooth sailing so far. We were able to get some great sponsors including Delticom, ZAUNZ, GFU, Amazon Web Services, Xing, O'Reilly and the German Perl magazine $foo.

We already received a few talks. Keep it up!

If you'd like to give a talk but are fresh out of ideas, have a look at our hand-crafted suggestions.

Remember: The early workshop bird catches the Perl worm. So sign up now and save $$.

German Perl Workshop 2014 in Hanover


German Perl Workshop 2014 - Estimated Ticket Prices - T-168 days

The estimated ticket prices for the German Perl Workshop 2014 in Hanover are now available.

German Perl Workshop 2014 - Call for Papers - T-179 days

(Post by Renée, German Edition)

You programm in Perl or teach the use of Perl? You have new ideas, a great project or a thrilling story to tell about the use of Perl? Then you're right at the German Perl Workshop 2014!

We offer: the German Perl Workshop is the largest German speaking event about Perl. It is the right platform for your idea, your project or your story. In 2014 the German Perl Workshop will take place from March 26th to March 28th at the "Kulturzentrum FAUST Warenannahme" in Hannover. About 130 attendees where at the 2013 workshop.

We are searching for: Your idea. Your project. Your story. We are looking for challenging presentations for our program. Those might be Lightning Talks 5min), short presentations (20 minutes) or long lectures (40 min). If you search for suggestions for lecture topics, try looking through the FAQ (german).

Please submit your paper proposals on the website. The submission deadline is December 22nd, 2013! Your abstract should be about 2000 characters (which are about 30 lines with 72 columns) that describe the subject, what is particularly interesting in your approach and why Perl is the language of choice in this case. You get a notification whether your paper has been accepted or not on January 10th, 2014.

Who we are: This year, the workshop is organized by the Hanover Perl Mongers. The Perlmongergruppe is one of the most active in Germany and meets every two weeks. Learn more about our regular meetings on Twitter at and

The presentations and participants are the heart of our workshop. We are looking forward to seeing you - as a participant and as a speaker.

German Perl Workshop 2014 - lots of paperwork - T-194 days

Another quick update. We're in the middle of communicating to our (possible) sponsors. Lots of paperwork to do :)

As I already wrote on gathering v21 (German) we're planing to announce the approximate ticket price within the next weeks. The final ticket price will be available in January 2014 at the latest.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - New ACT design live - T-246 days

We're happy to announce that our advance notice about our new ACT design for GPW 2014 now officially reached the production system. Have a look at the German Perl Workshop 2014 homepage and feel free to comment the new design below.


German Perl Workshop 2014 - New ACT design - T-246 days

Just a quick update. We're not only enjoying the great summer, but also working on a more contemporary design for our website. The current looks were inherited from the late 90s. Granted, we're just the proverbial programmers without much design skill, but the web is full of inspiration.

So look forward to a better-looking and hopefully more user-friendly website in the coming weeks.


Post by Perleone

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