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9 Million Test Reports!

As the Statistics site wasn't being regularly updated for the past couple of weeks, the latest milestone on the Interesting Stats page of the CPAN Testers Statistics site was way down the watch list. So I was surprised to see that we now have over 9 million test reports in the CPAN Testers eco-system. Many thanks to all the testers who have help to contribute to the milestone.

Congratulations once again go to Andreas for posting the ="http://www.cpantest…

CPAN Testers Summary - September 2010 - Frequency

Many subtle changes have been happening to the CPAN Testers family of websites. Several have had some slight alterations to allow the additional Metabase link to appear. The website family is growing and I hope to have another added to the list before the end of the year. The codebase behind the scenes has also been upgrade for several sites to the latest version of Labyrinth, which is the version that is currently being managed for Open Source release. Once Labyrinth has been released, the remaining code for the /users/cpan_testers/2010/10/index.html

About CPAN Testers

user-pic This is the new account for incidental and summary updates to what's happening with the CPAN Testers. For all the latest news and views please see our blog.