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Metabase back online

The Metabase is now back online, and accepting reports again. If you're running a metabase-relayd instance, you should be safe to turn it back into online mode. Many thanks to David Golden for working with the EC2 instance to get it all working again.


EC2 Servers downtime affects Metabase

You may have heard that Amazon's EC2 Web Services have been having some problems today. As a consequence several major sites have been down. Although perhaps not a major site in the grand scheme of things, a major site for CPAN Testers is the Metabase server.…

11 Million Test Reports

It seems I wasn't paying attention to the CPAN Testers Statistics site when writing the March Summary. A little over 11 weeks after our last milestone, on 11th March we pass the 11 millionth report, as can be seen on the Interesting Stats page. As always, many thanks to all the testers who have help to contribute to this milestone.

CPAN Testers Summary - March 2011 - Hourglass

A relatively quiet month during March, although my thanks go to Leo Lapworth and Dave Cantrell for noticing and reporting bugs in the websites. Feel feel to report bugs you spot on the CPAN Testers websites to me directly (barbie@cpan.org), as if I'm not the person to deal with that particular website, I can re-direct you to the right person. You're also welcome to report bugs on RT, and as I get more of the individual websites on CPAN, it'll be easier to report bugs and feature requests directly for the respective website.

About CPAN Testers

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