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CPAN Testers Summary - February 2012 - Highway 61 Revisited

With 20 million reports, CPAN Testers is very definitely one of the biggest online repositories of test reports for both programming languages and software applications. While other languages and applications may have larger communities than CPAN Testers, the Perl community's commitment to testing has uniquely enabled CPAN Testers to build on the benefits from many areas of the test community. The TAP protocol has now been incorporated into several other language and application testing frameworks, and stand-alone…

20 Million Test Reports

I am rather delighted to be able to announce that on 22nd February 2012, CPAN Testers reached a very significant milestone in our history. We reached and have now surpassed 20 million test reports, as can be seen via the Interesting Stats page. That's approximately 14 million via the HTTP API.

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