20 Million Test Reports

I am rather delighted to be able to announce that on 22nd February 2012, CPAN Testers reached a very significant milestone in our history. We reached and have now surpassed 20 million test reports, as can be seen via the Interesting Stats page. That's approximately 14 million via the HTTP API.

For the past few months this has been nearly 1 million reports each month. Expectations are now that we could reach 30 million by the end of the year. This is a phenomenal number of reports, and I did notice a little while ago, that a certain other test report repository have now removed their claim of having the biggest database of test reports. It's going to be a long while before any other code repository has anything like the number of test reports available for authors and users to analyse. In part that is also thanks to the 24588 distributions now on CPAN and the 5576 active CPAN authors, but is also thanks to the 1,000+ testers (even those who've only submitted one report), who keep making CPAN Testers a worthwhile project to be involved with.

Congratulations to Andreas J. König for posting the 20 millionth report. It was an UNKNOWN report for Makerelease-0.1.

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