Thanks for Imager::File::WEBP

Thanks TONYC for authoring and releasing Imager::File::WEBP

All three major browsers now support WebP in a backwards compatible way, so with a few small changes to our Imager scripts our webpages can load faster and bandwidth be used more efficiently. Huzah!

DBD::Oracle 1.76 released

Including a wide range of bug fixes and some helpful enhancements as detailed in the Changes file.

If you are using DBD::Oracle, there is no reason not to upgrade (YMMV)

Check it out or using your preferred CPAN tools

Promoting Perl

After this weeks discussions about naming a shovel a spade, and how that would increase sales in the hardware store. I hope to start a substantive discussion around promoting Perl.

Dear Reader, please don't let the above metaphor become a stumbling block. Your ingenuity is desperately needed.

The first hypothetical question I would pose is:

  • If you had $10,000 to promote Perl - what would you do with it?

Please don't get lost on the dollar figure. This is intended to be an exercise in stretching the imagination.

Another ques…

Sydney Perl Tomorrow! (2018-09-25)

Please join us for September meeting of Sydney Perl Mongers.

This meet is hosted by Broadbean, who are providing the venue and catering.

Time: 6-9pm (roughly)
Date: Tuesday, 25th of September 2018
Location: 9 Hunter Street, Sydney

(Meet in the ground level foyer or just outside and be brought up)

We have two speakers, one on Dancer and either a repeat of my Perl in OpenWRT talk or a fresh talk on doing REST in perl6.

Find this event on Meetup dot com: https://www… Confessions of a recovering Perl hacker

"I always insisted on commenting my Perl. I never got to the very end of the Camel Book. Not in one reading, anyway. I never experimented with the darker side-effects; three or four separate operations per line was always enough for me. Over time, as my responsibilities moved more to programming, I cut back on the sysadmin tasks. Of course, that didn't stop the Perl use completely--it's amazing how often you can find an excuse to automate a task and how often Perl is the answer. But it reduced my Perl to manageable levels, levels that didn't affect my day-to-day functioning."

Read on:…