Simple Event Correlator v2.8.2

From the website's blurb:

SEC is an event correlation tool for advanced event processing which can be harnessed for event log monitoring, for network and security management, for fraud detection, and for any other task which involves event correlation. Event correlation is a procedure where a stream of events is processed, in order to detect (and act on) certain event groups that occur within predefined time windows. Unlike many other event correlation products which are heavyweight solutions, SEC is a lightweight and platform-i…

Perl Is Still The Goddess For Text Manipulation

"Ever since I learned Perl during the dot com bubble, I knew that I was forever beholden to its powers to transform.

You heard me. Freedom is the word here with Perl."

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MTA-STA for Exim, thanks to Perl

MTA-STS (RFC8461) is a new standard that makes it possible to send downgrade-resistant email over SMTP. In that sense, it is like an alternative to DANE. It does this by piggybacking on the browser Certificate Authority model.

There is a validator here which defaults to checking, and possibly can answer your questions about it without the "tl;dr" factor of the RFC.

This perl script was posted on the ="http…

Reddit: After 2020, European Perl conferences are over

This popped up on Reddit, I don't go there much either, but the crowd here might want to read get involved in the dicussion:


Nice clickbait, eh?

Over the past years, it has been increasingly difficult to find hosts/venues for the next year. The reason why a location could be announced each time in the closing session of a conference has rather more to do with heroics than deliberation. YEF is de facto disbanded, de jure will happen RSN. Long-time member domm's numerous attempts to revitalise YAPC organisers have all failed. It does not help that ACT re…

Monitorix 3.11.0 released

Another great Perl software that I find very useful is Monitorix.

Monitorix is FOSS lightweight system monitoring designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible.


The tl;dr is that it works really well for monitoring stand alone machines- which is what I used it for. It's tracks all sorts of metrics with minimal configuration…