Mid September Software Releases 2020

Perl5-IDEA 2020.2.3 (Perl5 plugins for IntelliJ IDEA)

"Profiler support and bugfixes"


LemonLDAP-NG Apache::Session::Browseable v1.3.8

"This release contains fixes for CVE-2020-16093, which concerns LDAP server certificate verification when using LDAPS."


Marketing & Branding Survey Results

You can see the results here.

The following is my reflection on those results and doesn't reflect anyone else's opinions. They may not even really be my opinions.

Who responded?

Some 85.9% respondents self identify as Perl programmers and 22.7% as Raku programmers, 33.2% as Software project leaders, and 30% as Business Owners.

Brand Values

In regards to brand values …

TPF Survey: Marketing and Branding

As announced on TPF news the Marketing committee of TPF have been running a survey "to learn your responses to the ideas about branding, naming and the perceptions of the values concerning the Perl Foundation itself."

This survey will close in just a few hours, so if you have yet to give your feedback please do so asap!

P.s. Please join the more than 4,000 members of "Perl Programmers" on ="https://www.fac…

LWN: On Perl 7 and the Perl Steering Committee

LWN has covered an email from Rjb's to perl5-porters

Read on: https://lwn.net/Articles/828384/

Polling for fun and engagement

I've been posting some Perl related polls in Perl Programmers over the last few weeks. Despite the obvious weaknesses in the sampling method, they've provided some good insights and great talking points.

Here's some results as of this afternoon. People can still respond to these polls.

Regarding area's where Perl could help out: