Sydney Perl Tomorrow! (2018-09-25)

Please join us for September meeting of Sydney Perl Mongers.

This meet is hosted by Broadbean, who are providing the venue and catering.

Time: 6-9pm (roughly)
Date: Tuesday, 25th of September 2018
Location: 9 Hunter Street, Sydney

(Meet in the ground level foyer or just outside and be brought up)

We have two speakers, one on Dancer and either a repeat of my Perl in OpenWRT talk or a fresh talk on doing REST in perl6.

Find this event on Meetup dot com: https://www… Confessions of a recovering Perl hacker

"I always insisted on commenting my Perl. I never got to the very end of the Camel Book. Not in one reading, anyway. I never experimented with the darker side-effects; three or four separate operations per line was always enough for me. Over time, as my responsibilities moved more to programming, I cut back on the sysadmin tasks. Of course, that didn't stop the Perl use completely--it's amazing how often you can find an excuse to automate a task and how often Perl is the answer. But it reduced my Perl to manageable levels, levels that didn't affect my day-to-day functioning."

Read on:…

What's happening with DBD::Oracle?

For $work reasons I have had to do a lot of work with DBD::Oracle.

Master in github has a lot of floating changes ( since the latest release (v1.74 see

There are also a number of PR's aged by several years, of which I found many helpful and have curated into a new PR which applies cleanly against master (see

Whilst I have no interest in adoption DBD::Oracle, I am interested in a new "official release" so am curious who…

New Website and URL for HTML::FormFu

Sitting on my TODO list has been a refresh (resurrection perhaps?) of the FormFu website.

In 2017 the various contributors consolidated into a single Group on GitHub - authors of related modules are invited to donate them into that group for future maintenance etc.

Having some time off has allowed me to get through much of that aforementioned TODO list and over the last few days, the FormFu website has been ticked off of that list.

GitHub has a "pages" feature, which is based upon Jekyll. This is a convenient system for generati…

New Sydney PM website and URL

With new cool TLD's available, I purchased perl dot sydney which is the perfect domain for Sydney Perl Mongers.

Our current/old website is dated and tired, so I also spent some time whipping into shape a new website using GH pages. Having GH pages automagically compile markdown files into HTML is very neat. Plus having everything in github so people can PR, and having group access - are both great. But... that Jekyll isn't Perl does make me feel somewhat sold out, even if it's being used implicitly.

Anyway, p…