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New blog post: Using a DarkPAN with Carton

Read all about it here: http://domm.plix.at/perl/2017_07_carton_darkpan.html!

No proposal for European Perl Conference 2018 yet

We did not get a single letter of intent to host the European Perl Conference in 2018 yet. So either all your monger groups try to stress out the YEF venue committee, or nobody actually wants to host the conference next year.

I do hope for the first option. But I fear that in fact nobody wants to gain endless glory by organising our yearly conference.

So here's again the Call for Venue for the Perl Conference in Europe 2018 (formerly know as YAPC::Europe). And please do consi…

Call for Venue for the Perl Conference in Europe 2018 (formerly know as YAPC::Europe)

While we are all looking forward to the Perl Conference in Amsterdam, it is time for the venue committee of the YAPC::Europe Foundation (YEF) to think about the location of the 2018 conference. So if you always wanted to invite the European (and International) Perl Community to your hometown for three days of massive Perl, drop us a line at venue@yapceurope.org.

More information is available at the YEF website.

"Essential Modern Perl" Track at Austrian Perl Workshop

(crossposted from http://domm.plix.at/perl/2012_10_essential_modern_perl.html)

To get more new participants to this years Austrian Perlworkshop we (Vienna.pm) came up with the following plan: On Saturday, 17th November, we will have one track of talks called Essential Modern Perl. We came up with ~15 topics that should introduce newcomers and old timers to the wonderful world of CPAN and the various toolkits and modules that lead to …

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