Install your own Perl with your own CPAN

I know, I know ... it exists a powerfull tool called perlbrew


there is more than a way to do it :-)

read Install your own Perl with your own CPAN

every feedback is welcome

Mo Moo Moose

Finally I found the way I like to program OO in Perl !

Welcome to Perl Node Interface

You can download last version from sourceforge. If you are on Windows you need Strawberry Perl, just unzip it and click on pni.exe ... if you are on Linux launch the pniguitk script ( but you will need Tk installed ).


Every feedback is welcome !

How to use Devel::Cover

Very basic introduction with example about how to use Devel::Cover to improve your tests.

Read the article.

Every Perl module needs a test file

Test driven development is a must, that's why I think it is necessary to check that there is at least a test for every module specially if you can't know a priori how much will be populated a namespace, for example if you decide to have plugins .

So here it comes a very nice core module called Module::Pluggable ! For sure ti can help a lot !

Read a short explanation ( more code than words :) in
this article .