Looking for a Movable Type hacker

blogs.perl.org is awesome but it has a few issues. Anyone out there to fix them?

For example there is no "previous articles" link on the front page but there are
82 other open issues as well.

I am sure there are some people in he Perl community who know or want to learn how to fix issues with Movable Type. You can fork the code on Github and make many Perl bloggers happy.

I am especially looking at you who endlessly complained about use.perl.org and that you could not fix issues with it.


I'm on, looking at the cases now.

Why not use and improve Melody, fork of Movable Type? Unless it is not useful yet...

We got a new 6A volunteer to help out with some of the issues a couple of months ago, but given that he's in the US and the MT team is now all in Japan, I'm not sure what the situation is there.

We're certainly interested in looking at Melody, but it's still in beta and for such a large an heavily used site we don't really want to be testers on a new product.

If anyone wants to help out and wants guidance on where we can most use some assistance then feel free to email me on dave@dave.org.uk.

Thanks to Gabor for raising this issue.

Hi Dave,

I'm one of the MT team in Japan. I'm kind of full until next Wednesday when we will launch Movable Type 5.1 Beta, but I'd love to check the cases after then. Looking briefly, I think that I can contribute to at least some of the open issues. By the way, who is the 6A volunteer you talked with ? I'm sure that I should know him/her :)

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