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In response to Mithaldu's blog post, How do newbies find Perl learning materials online? Dave Cross, one of the best Perl trainers, have checked out what are the top results when searching for "perl tutorial".

I was very happy to see he thought my Perl tutorial is worth sharing with others.

My little experimentation into the world of promoting web sites lead to the belief that if I want to promote my web site I need to create content that people will want to link to. Also, I need to make it easy and fairly obvious how to link to the web site. That is, what should be the anchor text.

OTOH if you'd like to help promoting a web site or a specific web page make sure to include the expression people will likely use to find that specific thing.

For example using the word Padre instead of Perl IDE or Perl editor in those links would make people and search engines thing we are talking about a priest or a father. Using either perl IDE or perl editor would strengthen those search terms.

So if you'd like to help specific pages (or sites) to be better positioned for learning perl then use that specific anchor text.

What to do now?

So if you wonder what can you do to help people find better Perl tutorials then find one or two that you think worth sharing and write a blog entry including a link to them with the search term as the anchor. I'd suggest:

On another note, the Perl weekly newsletter was mentioned on Whatsup the Hebrew open source news site.

Written by Gabor Szabo.

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