How do newbies find Perl learning materials online?

This is a very short entry, which will lead to a long one later. Right now in light of the recent hubbub about the study claiming that perl's as good as a randomized language for newbies, i am trying to find out just how a newbie searches for Perl learning materials online and what he finds first.

Right now i'm concentrating on what kind of search term a newbie would enter in Google. Luckily Google trends help a bit there, allowing me to compare between various search terms.

These are the search terms i came up with or was suggested:

perl tutorial 1.00    perl cgi 0.79    programming perl 0.45    perl examples 0.37    perl learn 0.10


Please help me and see if you can think of any other search terms that would be more often used than "perl tutorial". Thanks in advance.


I guess perl course, perl training, learning perl, programming perl, perl examples could also be used.

Do newbies want learn Perl?

"perl cgi" seems to be used more often than "perl tutorial".

I am experienced in other languages, but just learning Perl. I usually resort to either or google "How to in Perl"

What could the front page of include to help people find better material?

Swanand, I'd be very interested to see your searches.
So if you have time, please collect them as you make progress and either post them as a series of blog entries or send them to me by e-mail: (szabgab @ )

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