Why and how to promote the Perl Weekly newsletter?

The Ironman blogging contest was created to get more of the Perl mongers write about the stuff they are doing. To raise some awareness to new features of Perl, new CPAN modules or just to new ways of programming in Perl.

We also have blogs.perl.org now that provides an easy way for Perl programmers to start a blog. Right in the middle of the "echo chamber".

Having those blogs is a great way to distribute news about Perl but somehow it feels the number of readers has not grown much.

It is more or less the same "echo chamber".

We need to have a growing number of people reading the items.

This can be done by directing them to the Ironman itself or to the Perlshpere Perl blog aggregator or to Perl Buzz.

Those work for some people but keeping up with all the posts is very time consuming
and not everyone likes to follow Twitter.

Many people would prefer to read a selected list of items and many of
them prefer to get this in their Inbox.

That's the type of people who will be interested in the Perl Weekly newsletter.

So if you would like to help getting more people read news about Perl, you can easily do so by recommending them the Perl Weekly.

How to do that?

It's easy. You can ask your co-workers if they have already subscribed. If not,
point them to the web site. Tell them why do you think it is important to keep an eye on the developments in Perl.
For example pick one of the recent articles you liked and tell them about it. Look at one of the issues of the Perl Weekly and select one of the articles.

If they are afraid of too many messages tell them they'll only get one e-mail per week.

If you have a company-wide Perl mailing list write there too. You can take ideas what to write from some of the comments made by the readers of the Perl Weekly.

Written by Gabor Szabo.

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