How many people read your blog?

I was just wondering if authors on know how how many people read their posts? I looked around the options inside Movable Type but could not locate anything.

If there is a way, could anyone explain please?

I have a solution ...

... but I wonder if there is already one I overlooked?

I set up a free Getclicky (aff) accound and embeded the tracking snippet below. Just to see if that works?

Update: at first I put the code in the BODY part but that seemed to break the main pages of so I moved it to the EXTENDED part.

Of course this will only track people who click through to read the full article.

Actually I have been using GetClicky (aff) on my sites. For more than one site it costs some money, but I find it useful.

(aff disclaimer: both of those are affilitate link. So if you sign up through them and if you upgrade to a paid account I might get some coins.)


I have moved the code to the Description. Let's see how does that work?
Written by Gabor Szabo.


I placed the Google analytics tracking code together with the description of my blog. It seems to be working.

But isn't it a security vulnerability to allow anyone to insert any kind of JS on a public domain like
Won't someone be able to steal your cookies this way?
(I don't know enough of frontend stuff, just a guess.)

I regularly see spam posts in rss feed, so no, I don't trust everyone who registered here.

Hey I don't want anyone stealing my cookies. To be honest I don't know if this creates a security issue.

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