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17.4% of CPAN uploads have no license in the META files

I just checked the 1000 most recent CPAN uploads and 174 of them did not have a license.That's 17.4%.

According to the history of the metayml_has_license metric of CPANTS, there has been a constant improvement since 2003, but I feel it is still too high.
Especially if you take in account how easy it is to add license to the META files.

What about making a New Year's re…

How to find CPAN modules that need help on Windows?

Recently Neil Bowers wanted to identify CPAN distributions you could help out with and Michael Roberts mentioned the smoke testing effort on Windows.
Assuming someone would like to help with Windows, how could he generate a list of modules that are especially problematic on Windows?

Is there a way to fetch all the distributions that have no successful ="http://www.…

Task::DWIM 0.04 for DWIM Perl

In the recent month or two I did not have any time to work on DWIM Perl, the Perl distribution with batteries included, but yesterday I managed to do something little that might help.

I created a Task distribution listing all the modules DWIM Perl should contain. Actually, it is only a first list, but it already has quite a few modules.

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