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Interview with Michael Schwern

Especially for the weekend readers, here is my
interview with Michael Schwern. Enjoy and share!

Interview with Jeffrey Thalhammer

I have been trying to conduct interviews for, I think at least a year, but I was never able to figure out the technology. It is still not what I'd like to have, but I think it is reasonably good already to get started.

So let me show you the first interview with
Jeffrey Thalhammer, author of Perl::Critic and Pinto

Perl Tutorial in 10 languages

Just a little more than a month ago I only had the English version of the Perl Tutorial I have been writing for a while. Then Felipe da Veiga Leprevost offered to translate it to Portuguese and now there are 9 more translations at various stages.

It is extremely nice to see people volunteer their time to help others....

New, experimental screencasts

Just in case you are bored, I've created a new, experimental screencast for Perl.

The first episode is about OOP with Moo.

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