Perl Tutorial in 10 languages

Just a little more than a month ago I only had the English version of the Perl Tutorial I have been writing for a while. Then Felipe da Veiga Leprevost offered to translate it to Portuguese and now there are 9 more translations at various stages.

It is extremely nice to see people volunteer their time to help others....

I really don't know where does this lead. Sinan Unur even dislikes the idea of translating technical text, but I saw my son struggle. He wanted to do things, but besides the technical issues, he also had to deal with English. On one hand it motivated him to learn English, on the other hand it set him back, and frustrated him to no end that he cannot read tutorials in his mother tongue.
So I am in favor of creating localized tutorials, but to use the English technical terms. Even if a term exists in the local language the English version can be mentioned. That will make it easier for people to read about the subject, but will also help them connect the terms to the same terms when later they read them in English.

Perl Tutorial in other languages

This is the list of languages:

I am really glad people spend their time translating the pages. What I have not managed to do yet, is to convince them to also promote their work. Without promoting the tutorials outside the Perl community the impact will be much smaller. It is also not something you can start doing after all the articles are finished. You need to promote a long time. So maybe there are others who would be interested in helping with that aspect.

Do you speak any of the above languages? Do you have some time to help these translations? Let's see what can be done so the tutorials will reach a lot more of the non-English speakers!

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