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Cooperative module maintenance?

The other day I wanted to send a patch to WWW::Mechanize and it turns out it is now hosted within a Github organization called libwww-perl.

Then I read a comment by Ether, about the Perl-Toolchain-Gang, another Github organization with several members that maintain a bunch of modules.

The perl6 organization on Github includes many Perl 6 related projects.

Then there is the perlorg organizati…

Adding images to CPAN

Just as blog posts including images also documentation that includes images (even screenshots) is more plesant for the eye than just plain text. On both, and Meta CPAN one can have images linked from the POD.

It would be awesome if more modules had a few images or screenshots included
and you can gain fame via the relevant Questhub Stencil.

Interview with Larry Wall

By Jonathan Schiefer

Interview with Dave Miller, the leader of the Bugzilla project

The weekly Perl Maven Show continues. This time an interview with Dave Miller, the leader of the Bugzilla project.

Avialable as a YouTube video or as an mp3 file.

Actually, there is even an RSS feed suitable for podcatchers. In case you'd like to listen to the earlier episodes while driving to work, check it out on the Perl Maven TV page.

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