Cooperative module maintenance?

The other day I wanted to send a patch to WWW::Mechanize and it turns out it is now hosted within a Github organization called libwww-perl.

Then I read a comment by Ether, about the Perl-Toolchain-Gang, another Github organization with several members that maintain a bunch of modules.

The perl6 organization on Github includes many Perl 6 related projects.

Then there is the perlorg organization that holds the source code of the, and

I am really glad to see such cooperation is on the rise among Perl developers. This might also lead to more people contributing to these modules.

Maybe other CPAN developers would also want to move their projects under such umbrellas. Are there other such "github organizations" for Perl projects?


libwww-perl is mostly LWP::UserAgent (split into several modules) + some related modules + WWW::Mechanize

Perl-Toolchain-Gang is mostly perl core modules and/or modules related to PAUSE/CPAN

So, I am not sure that that can be treated as a cooperation among _random_ Perl developers.

The MetaCPAN team has an organization, and so does The Perl Foundation.

I've also been working to bring some projects under the Perl organization on GitHub (possibly including Perl itself).

I agree with @vsespb that we shouldn't try to lump together just any random Perl projects. But I do think that putting some projects together in a GitHub organization can do a lot to increase visibility and momentum.

Yes., for perl documentation

And the Moose cabal has recently moved the Moose repository into github, with plans to move more moose extensions there over time: for CPAN Testers tools.

There is perl5-dbi for some of the DBI-related stuff and a few DBDs.

cpants: maintainance of Module-CPANTS-*

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