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Licenses and the repository links on CPAN

Today I checked the 1,000 most recently uploaded modules again:

DateHas licenseHas repository link
December 201282.6%49.6%
February 201383.4%49.7%
July 201387%60.1%
September 201385%68%

Checking the 5,000 most recent uploaded modules:

DateHas licenseHas repository link
September 201…

Wikipedia linking to CPAN

Recently I checked the number of links form the English version of Wikipedia to and to MetaCPAN.

I even posted it to Reddit that got quite a mixed reaction (18 upvotes 11 downvotes) but many of the links were updated.

Of course there is more to Wikipedia than the English version, so I checked the numbers for the 10 languages listed at the top of Wikipedia and these are the numbers:

Promoting perl outside the echo chamber

A few weeks ago, to the encouragement of Jeffrey Thalhammer,

For now my main f…

Top Github Languages for 2013 (so far)

Maxim Yemelyanov pointed me to this post comparing programming languages based on the number of new GitHub repositories in the first 8 months of 2012 and 2013.

Interestingly the numbers dropped significantly for every language (except JavaScript).

Perl dropped a lot more (in percentage) than other languages (from 48,620 to 15,412).

Some Perl repositories might be miscategorized by GitHub which might add to the low number, but then either it got worse in the last year,…

Galileo CMS

I wonder, is anyone using Galileo CMS? Could you please post a link to the site?

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