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Licenses and the repository links on CPAN (May 2014)

After a few months break, I checked how many CPAN modules provide link to their version control system, how many provide a license in their META file, and how many adhere to the Changes spce.

Gittip and companies?

On the main page of Gittip 6 out of the 12 top givers are companies supporting open source. On the main Perl community Page there is no company, and on the extended version of the Perl community Gittip page there is only a single company: Nestoria (currently at position 33-37, giving $1) out of the 42 givers.

I wonder when will companies relying on Perl, come to the conclusion that this is a good and very cheap(!) way to show their support to the…

One package perl pm file

Recently one of our readers checked if Tie::ExtraHash was installed on his system running perl 5.18.0.

It turns out Tie::ExtraHash is declared in the pm file of Tie::Hash and you should not use it on its own.

That set aside, wouldn't it be better if all the packages, at least …

GitTip profile of the week

Last week we have started a new section in Perl Weekly newsletter called GitTip profile of the week.

I think this was a great suggestion of Yanick because it provides an opportunity to introduce a Perl developer a week without too much work.

GitTip is great. It provides a very easy way to people to give a little weekly reminder to someone, that their work is appreciated. Without even the need to talk to t…

News from the MetaCPAN developers

The MetaCPAN site has a constant flow of new features. Some are small, some are big, but almost none of them get in the news. The recently added news page will provide this missing piece. It also comes with a feed.
One of the nice features of MetaCPAN is that it is open source. There is a page for how to contribute to MetaCPAN, but you can also read my article where I des…

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