Licenses and the repository links on CPAN (May 2014)

After a few months break, I checked how many CPAN modules provide link to their version control system, how many provide a license in their META file, and how many adhere to the Changes spce.

I checked the 1,000 most recently uploaded modules again:

DateHas licenseHas repository link
December 201282.6%49.6%
February 201383.4%49.7%
July 201387%60.1%
September 201385%68%
May 201481%67%

I am surprised to see they are going down.

Checking the 5,000 most recent uploaded modules:

DateHas licenseHas repository link
September 201380%58.3%
May 201482%64.8%

I am glad these were increasing!

How to include the link to the repository and the license in the META files of CPAN distributions. In the experimental dashboard you can see which of your modules are missing the above fields.

Changes file

A new data set based on checking if the "Changes" file is formatted according to the spec.

DateChanges file OK
May 201444%

To see which of your module have their Changes file according to spec use this form:

or visit CPANhq

See also the previous report.

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