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TPF Grants collected data 2010-2014

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours going over the articles published on news.perlfoundation.org which resulted in a page listing the status of all the TPF backed grants.

As far as I can understand there are 3 major grant-groups.

The "General TPF Grant" that you hear about from Makoto Nozaki which paid out $2,500 in 2013 and has a $16,000 budget for 2014.

The "Hague Grants" which is mostly for Perl 6, but I think has been deplete…

Watch the secret YAPC::NA live


You can watch YAPC::NA live here.

The rant

Honestly, I don't get it. It seems the organizers of YAPC::NA 2014 have decided to keep total radio silence, so no enemy will know about the event. No blog posts. Hardly any tweets. Even the mailing list was almost deserted.

Then a month before the conference there was a blog post asking YAPC::NA or not which I posted on twitter and to the YAPC::NA mailing list. Not surprisingly some people took offense of me echoing it or calling the whole thing silly. Instead of focusing on the actual issue. The lack of communication.

There was a response to that article in the form of a comment, but still no post on the YAPC::NA web site.

I understand how other things can interrupt the well meaning of people, but if it was an unfixed bug in a piece of open source code, someone could step up and fix it. At a conference, at the Perl conference in NA, I'd hope the organizers would mention they have a time or resource issue. I'd probably even expect the officials of The Perl Foundation to check if the organization of YAPC::NA goes well.

Sort the videos by date

In the last couple of weeks I had some more time publishing and featuring videos on the Perl TV site. Today I even managed to work on the UI a bit. It is still close to what Dancer provided as default, but now you can already opt-in to see the dates of the videos and the dates they were featured on. You can also sort by any of the columns.

For the former, there are two toggle buttons on the right side of the page. For the sorting, just click on the title of each column. (Currently only ascending sort was added.)

Try, for example the lis…

Google misleads users

RT #96394 in a nuthsell:
Business-PayPal-0.03 on search.cpan.org which pointed the user
to "Latest Release: Business-PayPal-0.04" which he missed and thus opened the ticket.

In fact, as of this writing, the latest release is is 0.13…

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