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A micro contribution to Perl

When you see an article on Reddit /r/perl upvote it. If you see an article about Perl that is not on Reddit yet, post it.

Small contribution to Perl 6: Configure Travis-CI for Perl 6 modules

If you'd like to make a small contribution to the Perl 6 development error, here is a low hanging fruit:

Add Travis-CI configuration to one of the Perl 6 modules. I wrote a Perl 6 script to find GitHub repositories without Travis-CI, but you don't even need that as 59 out of the 71 modules don't have the configuration yet, so it will be quite easy to locate one that waits for your Pull-request.

Check out ="http://perl6maven.com…

Vagrant Perl Development Environment v1.1.0 released

The Vagrant PDE is a VirtualBox image ready for Perl development with many of the CPAN modules you'd want to use.

  • Upgraded the Operating System to Ubuntu 2015.04

  • Added Rakudo Perl 2015.09

  • Added several Perl Modules

  • Upgraded all the other Perl Modules

If you have never used it, you can follow the instructions for the
Vagrant Perl Development Environment.
If you already have the previous version installed, yo…

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