Small contribution to Perl 6: Configure Travis-CI for Perl 6 modules

If you'd like to make a small contribution to the Perl 6 development error, here is a low hanging fruit:

Add Travis-CI configuration to one of the Perl 6 modules. I wrote a Perl 6 script to find GitHub repositories without Travis-CI, but you don't even need that as 59 out of the 71 modules don't have the configuration yet, so it will be quite easy to locate one that waits for your Pull-request.

Check out how to add Travis-CI to Perl 6 modules.


Apparently my script had a bug. The correct numbers seem to be 311 repos not using Travis-CI out of 379.

Update 2

The list of Perl 6 modules shows the Travis-CI status when available and there is also a page showing recently uploaded modules.

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