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WTF Perl Books

I was purchasing a dead tree copy of Modern Perl on evil Amazon I noticed several "you might also like" books:

Higher-Order Perl

Perl Language Reference Manual - for Perl version 5.12.1


I'm sure mjd might take exception to the title of the first book. Larry might be surprised he is the author of the second. The P…

Frozen Perl 2011: Parse::Stallion/Intro to Dancer/Hallway Track

I missed the Parse::Stallion and most of the Intro to Dancer talks because I spent it talking with olegm and perigrin.

I really would have liked to catch them but it is always interesting to talk with folks.

perigrin is a fellow player of Lacuna Expanse and it was good to meet him.

I then mostly listened to olegm and perigrin compare notes about putting on a workshop, relative costs...generally what perigrin was going to talk about after the Intro to Dancer talk. :-)

The most interesting comment was when perigrin said he …

Frozen Perl 2011: Parallel::Depend: designing a little language in Perl‎

Lembark's second talk is basically about designing a little language in Perl.

This module is a scheduler.

When designing a language it should be easy to edit, eyeball and parse.

It is a good idea to have line oriented and whitespace oriented tokens.

One should consider the primitives, basically what are the tasks you want to do.

Taking advantage of the overlooking ability of capturing split for grabbing tokens.

The given/when switch makes writing small languages much easier.

Once again a very good talk about an area that many people woul…

Frozen Perl 2011: ‎Perl Marketing and Evangelism‎

This is the first of two talks by oZ.

He likes Perl a lot, in the last few years there has been a fundamental change in Perl. Things like the modern Perl movement, chromatic's Modern Perl book, Moose, Catalyst and DBIx::Class changed how we can use Perl.

Even with all that Perl has an image problem.

What are the Perl companies we trot out: LiveJournal, Ticketmaster, Amazon and SixApart.

He noted that some of them are moving on to other languages for their new development and that some have written Perl in such a way that makes one not want to ever use Perl agai…

Frozen Perl 2011: Perl and Arduino

Robert Blackwell gave a good intro to the world of Arduino and Perl.

It was mostly how one would work with Arduinos's and the Perl interface to them.

There is a variety of vendors, arduinos and extensions that let you do all sorts of fun things.

It's probably the first open source hardware that is widely available and accessible.

Very cool and interesting stuff.

Frozen Perl 2011: ‎Wrapping Installed Subroutines: Wear a Raincoat in Someone Else's Perl

Wrapping installed subroutines

Steven Lembark gave a talk about wrapping installed subroutines.

It was noted on irc that this was the cotinuation/sequal of another talk. The jumping off point is having to work in some code and it has the following at the top of every program/module

use warnings;
$SIG{ WARN } = sub { die };

Now think about what that does...

Yes, you are now screwed.

Especially if you want to do any benchmarking or deal with some other modules.

You can muck about with the symbol table and such but one solution is the…

Frozen Perl 2011: Keynote

Keynote = 5 things I hate about Perl

brian d foy gave the keynote this year. He talked about his talk from two years that was sort of based on Better Off by Eric Bende, his reading of Skeptic magazine and what this means regarding Perl.

As part of this he touched on the fashionable memes of why some hates or loves a languages, Perl in particular. Sometimes it's misinformed or ignorant hate or just as a way to validate their choice.

So he was thinking about why there is some much love, or hate, for Perl?

This led into an interview question, "What are 5 things …

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