Frozen Perl 2011: Parse::Stallion/Intro to Dancer/Hallway Track

I missed the Parse::Stallion and most of the Intro to Dancer talks because I spent it talking with olegm and perigrin.

I really would have liked to catch them but it is always interesting to talk with folks.

perigrin is a fellow player of Lacuna Expanse and it was good to meet him.

I then mostly listened to olegm and perigrin compare notes about putting on a workshop, relative costs...generally what perigrin was going to talk about after the Intro to Dancer talk. :-)

The most interesting comment was when perigrin said he would like to see a conference/workshop in each state in the US. It seems like every country in Europe has one so why not each state.

A very compelling idea, especially when you consider that Perl Oasis costs about $2,000 to put on an attracts around 40 attendees.

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