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Released Ouch 0.0404

Pushed Ouch 0.0404 to CPAN. It turns out I was using some Perl 5.10 and 5.12 features (use parent and use overload respectively) and that was causing some CPAN testers errors, and also problems for folks on old Perls.  So I’ve made Ouch explicitly require Perl 5.12 going forward. 

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Command Line Apps Don't Have To Suck

I gave a talk at MadMongers recently about command line apps. The slides are posted now

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Woot! It's alive!

After a marathon hacking session yesterday I’ve got a working server up for The Captain Is Dead (TCID). Many video games can be developed by basically creating a state machine, which is essentially what I’ve done for TCID. All you’re doing is tracking the set up of the game map, and what state all of the components attached to the map (including the players) are in. 

Wing Now Auto-Generates Restful Object Relationships

Wing has long been able to generate internal object relationships thanks to the goodness that is DBIx::Class, but now it can automatically write the web services for those relationships as well, thanks to two new subs in Wing::Rest:

generate_all_relationships(object_type) - This interrogates DBIx::Class to find all the relat…

How To Write Command Line Tools

I’m giving a talk at MadMongers on Tuesday night about how to write command line tools in Perl. It’s a fairly unsexy topic, but I’ll be covering enough techniques to make it interesting at the very least. Sign up to join us on Tuesday night at 7pm.

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