Wing Now Auto-Generates Restful Object Relationships

Wing has long been able to generate internal object relationships thanks to the goodness that is DBIx::Class, but now it can automatically write the web services for those relationships as well, thanks to two new subs in Wing::Rest:

generate_relationship(object_type, relationship_name) - This writes out a simple web service that will expose a list of “relationship_name” objects that are attached to “object_type”. 

generate_all_relationships(object_type) - This interrogates DBIx::Class to find all the relationship objects and then calls generate_relationship() on each of them. 

[From my blog.]


Excellent. I have been wanting to give Wing a flight since seeing at YAPC. Hoping to give it a try soon.

The Wing namespace on CPAN was taken by Simon Cozens over 12 years ago.

Is this anything to do with it? A glance at the two sets of code indicates that it may not be.

Not really concerned about ever putting it on CPAN.


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