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No matter what your language, here’s a cocktail for every type of programmer.

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Firebase 0.0201

This is the new version of the Perl wrapper for the Firebase real-time web database. In this release I fix auth to work. I didn’t understand the Firebase docs when I set it up, so the old version would work fine for posting data until you applied security rules to your Firebase. Now that I understand the security rules, this version works with those as well. Sorry for anyone that was confused by the last release.

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Introducing WWW::Pusher

WWW::Pusher ia a Perl module that gives you an interface to  I didn’t write the module, but it wasn’t on CPAN, so I just pushed it up to make it easier for everyone to find and install. 

Pusher is a web service that allows you to have real-time communication with remote clients from your app. 

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Ouch 0.0408

Thanks to a patch by Graham Knop, Ouch now catches subclassed exceptions. How did I miss that? Thanks Graham. Also reformatted the Changes file according to the spec in CPAN::Changes::Spec thanks to sergeyromanov who is working on a quest to improve CPAN.

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Payment Gateways

At Plain Black we’ve used iTransact for years to build our ecommerce apps. It’s fast, stable, and has good rates. I even built a Perl wrapper for it. But lately we’re wanting to do stuff it either doesn’t do or doesn’t do well like payouts to customers and recurring transactions. iTransact has recurring transactions, and we use it, but the interface is clunky.

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Introducing Firebase

I’m pleased to announce Firebase, a client wrapper around This is a joint effort with Kiran Kumar

Firebase is a real-time message queue and data store. It’s ideal for building real-time applications or adding some real-time functionality to your existing applications. 

It’s available on CPAN now, so fire up cpanm and check it out.

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SimpleDB::Client 1.0600

I’ve released SimpleDB::Client 1.0600 to CPAN. SimpleDB::Client is used to connect to Amazon SimpleDB. The only new thing in this release is a command line app called “simpledb” contributed by Andrew Solomon. 

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Ouch 0.0406

Thanks to some pointers by MidLifeXis and Ether it turns out I didn’t need to bump the requirements of Ouch to 5.12 to use overload and parent. Thanks! So this release just goes back to letting you use 5.8 (but you really should upgrade!)

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Real Time Web Apps

I’m starting to get serious about real-time web apps. At first I was considering using some of the Perl stuff (Meteor, Twiggy, AnyEvent, etc) to roll my own, but then I started looking around, and found a bunch of other interesting stuff to investigate:

The thing that’s cool about these services is that I can still write my apps using non-async stuff that I love (like DBIx::Clas…

Flying Drones with Perl

At next week’s MadMongers our guest speaker is Timm Murray talking about UAV::Pilot. And yes, we’ll be flying drones using Perl! 

Our meetup is at the UW Stock Pavilion. It starts at 7pm on Tuesday, September 10th. Be there.

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