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I’m starting to get serious about real-time web apps. At first I was considering using some of the Perl stuff (Meteor, Twiggy, AnyEvent, etc) to roll my own, but then I started looking around, and found a bunch of other interesting stuff to investigate:

- Firehose
- Firebase
- PubNub
- Pusher

The thing that’s cool about these services is that I can still write my apps using non-async stuff that I love (like DBIx::Class) and still get most/all of the benefits of an async web service. 

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Could you provide some example application that makes use of Perl? The resources seem to be mainly based on JavaScript, so I wonder how a Perl backend could look like. Maybe one should not use Perl at all? ;-)

Mojolicious seems th have the most mature baked in support for async / realtime applications, so you might want to give that a go. Catalyst in the most recent stable release has the basics of async, but its still new and we have a handful off examples, not detailed documentation:

If you wanted to try Catalyst and give me some reports, you could help make it better for everyone!


Hi JT,

I'm the author of The nice thing about Firehose is that its a plain' ol' HTML PUT request to a URL, which is the same URL that all of the clients are listening to.

Hit me up on Github or the Mailing list if you need help figuring it out, but it should be pretty simple (that's what I gun for).


I'm taking, "Pretty simple really," as a compliment. Thanks!

I've been thinking about launching a hosted version of for the very use case you mention. I know its too late to convince you to use (sunk costs!) but I'd love to know what provider and plan you ended up choosing if you don't mind me asking.

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