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Create Perl Competition to the PHP Content Management System

Create Perl Competition to the PHP Content Management System:

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Box::Calc 1.0

I’m pleased to announce the release of Box::Calc 1.0, which is an algorithm we’ve been developing for a few years over at The Game Crafter for packing items into boxes. If you run a shipping / receiving operation, or a web store this module can help you determine which box or boxes to use to fit all the items ordered, how much each box will weigh, etc. 

The Captain Is Dead

Last year at YAPC::NA a few dozen of you helped me play test a new board game I was working on called The Captain Is Dead. Well actually back then it was still called Bridge Command. Almost universally you asked me to let you know when the game was ready so you could buy a copy. I'm here to let you know that the game has officially launched on Kickstarter.


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