Next stable DBD::SQLite to be released in late October

Now I call DBD::SQLite 1.43_08 a release candidate of the next stable DBD::SQLite. Please test it with your modules/applications and let me know if you find anything. Due to some change(s) in the upstream SQLite library (since SQLite 3.8.5), this release candidate is known to break older versions of DBIx::Class (prior to 0.082800 released on 2014-09-25). If you use older versions of DBIx::Class, you might also want to upgrade it, or keep DBD::SQLite 1.42 (bundled with older SQLite library) for now. Other major O/R…

QA Hackathon 2014 and CPANTS

I mostly worked on CPANTS at the QA Hackathon in Lyon, as I did in the previous years.

As one of the significant topics of the hackathon was PAUSE permissions, I started to add PAUSE permissions handling to the CPANTS analyzer (thanks to Ricardo Signes), and introduced a "no_unauthorized_packages" metric as an extra one. Because the PAUSE permissions index hasn't kept the date/time when one got or lost the permissions, this metric may return a different result from in a rare case when a person who had necessary permissions and successfully released a distribution event…

DBD::SQLite 1.41_07

As the upstream released a new version of SQLite ( and I was asked to include it in the next stable, I released yet anther release candidate: DBD::SQLite 1.41_07. There's no changes in Perl/XS, and all the bugs fixed in the stream should be obscure. I'm planning to release it as the next stable in a week or two, after I get enough reports from you and/or CPAN Testers. Tell me if you happen to find anything. Thanks for your patience.

Next DBD::SQLite to be released in early March

DBD::SQLite 1.41_06 is a release candidate of the next production release of DBD::SQLite. I'm planning to release it around the QA Hackathon in March if there's no blocking report. I suppose upgrading won't break your software, but please test it with 1.41_06 and post anything new you find to RT/GitHub/Mailing List.

Here're notable changes since the last stable release:

  • SQLite's query planner has been rewritten since SQLite 3.8.0 (bundled in DBD::SQLite 1.41_01). According to the upstream author, the new query planner should give exactly the same result (though perhaps w…

DBD::SQLite 1.39

It's been a year since DBD::SQLite team released the last stable version of DBD::SQLite (1.37). The team has added a few new features to retrieve database information, and applied a number of bug fixes thanks to the community, most notably the one to address an issue where bind_param didn't work with PADTMP scalars (RT #79576).

Also, two significant changes have been made; one by us, and the other by the upstream.

The team decided to enforce "immediate transaction" for all the transactions unless otherwise conf…