Brainturk Mobile App

Wishing you all a Happy New Year .

We have released Brainturk mobile app on the Various app stores


Play Store: Free version

Full version on play store

Amazon App store Full Version

="http:/… is live

We have released a new version of . We have changed the look of the application and now have 35 games and most of the games have different levels.

Firebase with perl

I was looking at ways to add instant notifications for a social feature that we are working on for the new version of, I came across Firebase which is a scalable real-time backend database that makes it easy to build real time apps.

I wanted to use this from my server as well as from Javascript and looking at their libraries for custom generators they have libraries for ( php, python, ruby, node, java , .net ) but no perl library was available.

Head Gestures in browser based game

Recently I stumbled upon WebRTC. I started looking into this and found some useful libraries on github .

I have been creating some games in Javascript so thought why not use one of these libraries to use some gestures to play a game .

I decided to go with">headtrackr and thought it might be easy to add this to one of the existing games on /var/www/users/kiran/index.html

Brainturk - Cognitive Games is yet another perl powered app that I have been working on , These games are taken from various research papers and articles published. Try it out and let me know if you have any comments/suggestions
I decided to go with Mojolicious as the framework and I have deployed it using starman and nginx. I am using Moose as the object system and started with DBIx::Class since I had not used that before and wanted to try it . It was great at the beginning when I was dealing with 1 or 2 tables but…