Are you using Cache::Memcached and its ->stats method?

It's very slow if you have more than a few thousand keys in memcached. Not an unusual use case I think? I've got a fix here, which appears to DTRT: Maybe? I didn't spend too long looking at memcached's low level wire protocol.

The patch passes all the module's current tests and works for us. It took our CPU load from being pegged at 75% all of the time to being idle. So, if you're using Cache::Memcached, and the ->stats method (which ="…

A Static Archive of

I have created a static archive of - it is avaliable at This is now what will be the official static archive once is sunset.

The static archive is a git repo, hosted using github pages. The repo can be found at and it has a README that explains how the archive is/was built and URL structure.

The archive is generally com…

A Static Archive of

In my previous post I added a footnote that " is difficult to get info out of now, it's basically dead. A lot of content is lost". That turned out to be not entirely true, it just needed some work to get to it

In the reddit comments, brian d foy mentioned Léon's WWW::UsePerl::Server, a module…

Some 10 Year Stats. recently turned 10 years old. I was curious about the level of traffic so grabbed all of the post URLs and meta information to create the lists below. These are accurate up until the posting of this post (excluding this post):

  • Total Posts: 8,091
  • Total Posts (2016 Onwards): 2,595
  • Total Unique Authors: 676
  • Authors With Only 1 Post: 246

Most Active Authors (All Time):

  • byterock - 604
  • jt_smith - 442
  • ovid - 382
  • sawy…

Les Journées Perl / French Perl Workshop 2017

Nobody seems to have blogged about Les Journées Perl so I thought I would blog about Les Journées Perl. Or maybe I haven't been paying attention, or it passed by me in a state of crossing timezones?

I was travelling back from the UK office the weekend the workshop happened, so stopped by. I also uploaded a couple of photos to the perl_events Instagram feed. The workshop was held in the Carrefour numérique in the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris - a very interesting space within a very interesting space. Possibly one …