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Plack basics - talk at YAPC::EU 2011

So, I should really have blogged about Day 1 and 2 of the conference, which has been fantastic, but also hectic, I'll try catchup soon...

Anyway, I wanted to link the slides from my Plack basics talk.

Thanks to Miyagawa, who's 2010 talk I based it on and to Alex and Damian who's speaker training helped me refine what I'd done even further.

It was really encouraging to have so many people afterwards come up and say they were ei…

YAPC::EU Day -1

I arrived yesterday (conference -2 days) afternoon, we met up with various mongers, had a crap experience trying to get food in one place, and then found somewhere that did very good steaks, followed by a quick drink in the main square.

Today, a bit more with it, acme, ralf, Michael and myself had a stroll around the main market - housed in old Zeppelin hangers! - which was interesting and had very tasty donuts, and a general look around the old town.

I then attended the Speakers training run by Alex Kapranov with Damian Conw…

Cacheing Plack Proxy - speed up development

At work we scrape data from a slow government website (it's public data and you are allowed to use it, but they don't have a way to download it!).

We thought if only there was a quick way to cache the results as we develop the code...

A CPAN search later... we want a proxy and something to cache

use Plack::Builder;
use Plack::App::Proxy;
use Plack::Middleware::Cache;

my $app
    = Plack::App…