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After Kieren Diments talk in schorndorf I held a spontaneous lightning talk about the state of the project called Perl 6. The slides wouldn't tell you much, since i pushed them together in 1 hour while listening to others. But i had to do it, since lot of people in the audience I talked with had no clear knowledge and some even said things on stage, that were hardly bearable. Get me right. i can listen to any opinion. No problem if someone says perl 6 sucks goats dick because that implementation will never do because... or that idea is ludicrous because it wil brake ..... but when people say things that simply arent true or if they dont even try to use their brain and don't bring spoken information in the context of the speaking person, I get a bit aggressiv.

yesterday I also submitted my talks to YAPC::EU. it's the same 3 I held in schorndorf, just the one about rebol / language design will get longer. the basic idea behind it is to use the new Perl 5 api to make DSL like in Rebol. Some sort of IO::All on DMT. of course i will improve my testing talk and i will give a training couse which will be an improved version of the wxperl workshop i held 2009 in essing + the xp i gained writing the wxperl tutorial for $foo.

And today I recieved 4 or 5 mails from reneeb++ to 4 or 5 different lists that he looks for perl talks for the huge froson conference. I chuckled "why not?" and submitted there an upgraded version of my perl testing talk. in contrast to my gpw/yapc talk it will start from 0 aka Test::Simple, show more concepts like mocking test mocking modules and and ....

and btw in 2 days i will give a talk about our present cleptocratic money system. which steal from those who need money and gives to people who dont know what to do with it in a sane manner. the good thing is that this system has a build in self destruction which we currently starting to enjoy in the tv news. hope your get it that a reboot with a currency that isnt based on debt and fear but on wealth and prosperity. i talked with an american in stuttgart about that and he mentioned that only privat banks can provide credits on the places it is needed to do investments and that federal institutions are not flexible enough for that. really. if I fill in a form asking for an credit. where is the difference in sending to a private or federal bank outpost? i mean even irving fisher figured out on the basis of mathematic that private banks should not be allowed to create money like they do currently. his rational was: ist would ruin capitalism because it would be inevitable that a state has to do a bailout. man he said this in the 30ies. what a bright guy. but i believe we could do even better than that.


I can't find the mentioned slides, but thanks for using my "test wizard" picture at the end of "Test Am Meisten" :-)

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