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Entering the Charts

As part of I had my duties to co-organize the recent German Perl Workshop but also the opportunity to give some talks. (Recordings are online [EDIT] now at the CCC video platform). My main talk was about plotting data with Perl (english slides).

My IPW afterthoughts

This will be just partially about the just ended Italian Perl Workshop in Bologna, because frankly most of the talks I did not not understand, even if I would like to improve my Italian. So why even bother being one of a hand full not Italian?


It was a good YAPC although I already knew FFM and their slightly musty University, so it lacked the excitement of a new unknown place. But I guess its part of the joy to meet the class of Perl again, greet domm here, say hai to karen there and so on.

Highlight was to me Stevan Littles presentation (no keynote was utterly important), even if I extracted the crucial infos before. I was especially sceptical to declare one line to get the getter/setter like in Moo/s/e. But combined getter/setter are not always right, you might follow the damian or even (god forbid) your own taste. So to …

remember GCL?

Some of you witnessed me last August standing in front of the great Perl congregation at YAPC::EU and talking a lot of steamy hot air out of my mouth. More precisely how nice it would be to have a DSL for GUI creation like Rebol has it. I just turned hulky green (but without the muscles) of envy when I saw how much less syntax they need to define GUI. Especially if you use the super verbose Wx. (But it looks just better :) ). As I currently do a lot for the rewrite of /users/lichtkind/talk/index.html

starting my twitter account

I think I want to use this account from now on to write more essay like pieces. Many of my posts here were just short reports of the existence of slides, talks, articles and other things. Maybe I will do comparing and reflecting summaries on such things, but for recent informations please subscribe my twitter channel. Some messages there might be German. Please don't mind.!/kephra_lk

Document Driven Development

Maybe the most ibnteresting talk I held this season was about this DDD. This is just a sneak preview since I give it once more in Vienna and my concept will be much better after it. Then i will publish here entirely.

I borrowed the term a bit from the django-guys, even Al Iho (the a in awk) tought 20 years ago this way. (thanks cromatic to bring this to my attention). it solves several issues documentation and test driven development face (if your honest). And I don't think it eats up any exra …

the "how much you can handle?"-tour 2011

Yes lichtkind moves around the continent. Dates are 16-18 Aug in Riga, 8-9 Okt Turin, 19-21 Okt Frankfurt and 4-5 Nov in Vienna and Bratislava. Which stands out for me is that I will have given then at least 11 talks (4 different) + 3 lighting (always the same) spanning 5 1/4 hours. I really wanted know where are my limits and how far my skills in talk preparation go.

And as a surprise I found, start very early with you preparation. I mean by that that you can still hack together your slides or storyline quickly together. that is fine. But start you research, your search for sources, …

My YAPC::EU Update

2 of 3 talks ( / days almost) done and I roll some ideas in my head what I do next weeks. I spoke with brian d foy (brought lot of insights on the state of perl docs) and damian (thanks for helping on my slides) and with lot of ather people. I heard about twin city workshop, which I try to attend (Turin and Frankfurt too).

When I come back to germany, next $foo needs 2 more article (recension and wxperltut9) and I have to think about the 4th part of the fm-perl.tutorial a…

Announcing Tie::Wx::Widget

its a small idea and a module. in fact I wrote the core code in a minute on a slide of my talk I held 2 weeks ago in Berlin. Now it becomes "real" :). from the "doc":

use Tie::Wx::Widget;

tie $tiedwidget, Tie::Wx::Widget, $widgetref;

# instead of say $widgetref->GetValue;
say $tiedwidget;

# instead of $widgetref->SetValue('7');
$tiedwidget = 7;

untie $tiedwidget;

Its just the simple idea to reduce visible syntax, but …

spreading perl on multiple level // please help with your codexp

jejky, I got a TPF grant. Even if scheduled it for 7 month, I plan to be ready end of this year. I think it will also appear in the first Module I ever uploaded to CPAN: Perl6::Doc, so you can grok perl 6 too. More info about that on my Perl 6 related blog.

Last week…

I'm now on Slide Share

So far I stored my slides on my homepage. Now that I saw that every speaker at Pisa put his slides on that site. So I simply did too.

Kephra is doing very well. Still 7 or 8 issues to be fixed till 0.5 plus some feature, but we will get there I think before the german perl-community workshop in Frankfurt. We n…

Pisa Résumé

its been a great YAPC, emotionally. Not as many technical talks where really compelling, but lot where really funny. But I met a lot of people I like. martin berends, jnthn and the bunch, finally i met mattia barbon which was also releasing and intresting (our interview will come soon on radio YAPC). I met a lot of germans, larry who tried to talk to me german too. and there were a lot more. great people, great food, wonderfull ice cream, fantastic hostel, great rides. it was the best possible holiday for me now.

my talks were both very well recieved but attended by few. Kephra is now…

people are stupid

i dont like it when people say that. because i like I love people. they deserve some understanding, tenderness and indulgence. and its a decent behaviour to do so anyway.

But on the other hand:

most people on this planet I see as incredibly limited. and in many different ways. whats the most limiting factor are prejudices and be stuck to the own point of view.

in the 19th century scientists measured that womans brains are smaller and therefore concluded their less capable of thinking and thatswhy it would be a waste to let them study at university. that was rational an…

bla bla bla bla bla

After Kieren Diments talk in schorndorf I held a spontaneous lightning talk about the state of the project called Perl 6. The slides wouldn't tell you much, since i pushed them together in 1 hour while listening to others. But i had to do it, since lot of people in the audience I talked with had no clear knowledge and some even said things on stage, that were hardly bearable. Get me right. i can listen to any opinion. No problem if someone says…

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