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Selfhosting WxPerl documentation

I already reported about WxDocular and about the WxPerl course I will give in Pisa. I even wrote about Kephra which will have a new release really soon.

What i want to tell now, touches all these 3 topics. For the WxCourse i write a specialized Editor-App for easy skipping between the many examples, alter and run them and browse some docs. And this App is also the goal, all these examples dri…

Kephra under Linux

Because of technical problems I was stuck to xp but recently using more and more my ubuntu boot partition. That was the main reason it was not on top of my priority list to to fix the remaining problems Kephra had. But finally, is the first version that installs like a breeze. Of course its a dev release but a stable/testing release will come soon (1 blocker left).

But when you run Kephra, you will get a bag of GTK errors. That's not because i can't code. It's because i was too quick. I thought of features that in the end GTK considers as bugs. So i will rethink the autogener…

state of Wx Documentation - announcing WxDocular

As I prepare the material for my 5h WxPerl training course in Pisa (attendees are always welcome :)) I like to post some information you may find useful if you're a WxPerl user. Today I started to prepare my slides, which will cover only the theoretical part/first chapter. After that we will just deal with code that we do run live. For this I prepare many scripts which are snapshots of an real app in development. After doing this kind of teaching last year…

hacking bread

no my next ubercool software project isn't called bread, i mean real bread. the bread i bake since nearly a year. and there is just my reciepe, partially as answer to the perl 6 enthusiast sushee.

first of all - why I'm doing that: partially because most breads i ate suck badly (bad taste, cheap ingredients, unnecessary gimmick ingredients, poor manufacturing). I want to stay healthy and these morons try to ruin it. time to gain control here. Another reason is: I want to learn to manage my life. i mean…

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