hacking bread

no my next ubercool software project isn't called bread, i mean real bread. the bread i bake since nearly a year. and there is just my reciepe, partially as answer to the perl 6 enthusiast sushee.

first of all - why I'm doing that: partially because most breads i ate suck badly (bad taste, cheap ingredients, unnecessary gimmick ingredients, poor manufacturing). I want to stay healthy and these morons try to ruin it. time to gain control here. Another reason is: I want to learn to manage my life. i mean earn money isn't enough - i can't eat money. and its good to put your love into the things you use or give your friends anyway. my motivation clearly isn't to save money since my ingredients cost me as much a bread from the bakerman.

because if putting effort into it then do it right. this means only organic corn that i mill fresh, so i get the full doze of B vitamins and other stuf you hardly find in normal bread. 1/3 rye and 2/3 spelt because that's much richer. the spices (sonnentor mixture, caraway, koreander, cardamon) also milled fresh and get the taste I like. rich in flavour but still in background so you can still taste the things you put on top of the butter. I also like a stronger flavour from the sourdough I let stay a bit longer then necessary. then enough fresh milled salt (took me month to figure out that) and sourdough because its better for stomach then yeast. to start a sourdough is also much easier than you might think. just good water, some rye flour and the right timing that bacteria can develope over a full week with always anough food.

and now lets bake. just put to small spoon full of that sourdough per bread with 450ml water and 200g rye flour. mix that good with all your love until you have a consistent mass. then put some water and flour into the sourdough glass and put it into the fridge so it developes slowly til you need it again. thats it, for day one.

half or one day later add 400g spelt flour, 2,5 small spoons of salt 0,5 spoon of spice and mix it very well till you have sticky mass that still forms under its own weight. then put it into a buttered form and let in one hour or more at 50 degree untill the dough grows to 170% or 200% of the size it had before. put all the time some water in the oven and brush your bread several time and between every step with water. this is very important, because if you get a dry crust too soon, the bread gets dry on the outside and too wet and only half baked on the inside. now turn on your oven to 220 degrees and air circulation. if you dont have any a bit more heat. and after half an hour you can slowly reduce the heat. when its good (how you prefer the crust - but after an hour you better pay attention) turn it off and let the warmth of the oven finish it.

once your custom to it it isnt any work but it needs your attention because unlike programming you can't script it away. as you see, real life has some different properties then programming.

the rich taste of fresh bread you can't compare with a program even if intelligent or clever sources can look like Shakespeare or Blake. Its taste is gone fast, but the good feeling of the memories once had with my hot bread and wild garlic pesto will stay forever.

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