spreading perl on multiple level // please help with your codexp

jejky, I got a TPF grant. Even if scheduled it for 7 month, I plan to be ready end of this year. I think it will also appear in the first Module I ever uploaded to CPAN: Perl6::Doc, so you can grok perl 6 too. More info about that on my Perl 6 related blog.

Last weekend i was in Bonn at Froscon standing at perl booth, giving a talk about perls testing modules and we were talking there about educational material. I say education not PR. Because if there was a satan, pr is one of the best evidences of his existence. I speak of education in the best sense. No bragging, no flattering, no hot air. just knowledge, delivered entertaining. As part of that we want posters and slides showing perl code snippets that are eaysy readible, even to python programmers and powerfull. so lets open 4 categories. perl <5.10, 5.8<, modules and 6. I have some ideas but please send me your best lines, so that we can show it at conferences.

thank you very much.

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