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Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - third week

Remember what I wrote in my first 2 reports? "tablet 2 is finished." And I still had to add something. And also the Perl 6 trends doubled in size since i first wrote: ready !! :) If you really wonder what Perl 6 is about here you have all the thoughtwork in a few lines.

The index has now 577 entries (many rewritten)…

Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - second week

Tablet 2 was ready, i just completed and moved the trends section, because there not really language design priciples, mere consequences from that and a great introduction into the Perldelta.

Most work gone into the third - Variable Tablet which now start to get substance. the basic structure and lot of content i took from the ge…

Interview with Neil Hodgeson - new things for perl editors

He ist lead dev of Scintilla the edit component, Kephra, Padre and Kommodo are using. And I was very happy to read that he will open up the internal API. So Perl editors will be able to do even more.


new things in Kephra

as the next release 0.4.4 is about basic editing, I filles there several feature holes.

like e.g. inserting rectangular selections properly, making the brace nav more consistant (jumping from inside to inside matching braces or from outside to outside). then i also added left and right to moving text(line/block) to indend/dedend tabwise which makes refactoring easier. Now im working on the proper DND of rectangular selections, which isnt delt properly even in kommodo 5.

here on austrian perl workshop the friendly guys helped me to fixe an issue with Module::Install and thanks …

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