Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - second week

Tablet 2 was ready, i just completed and moved the trends section, because there not really language design priciples, mere consequences from that and a great introduction into the Perldelta.

Most work gone into the third - Variable Tablet which now start to get substance. the basic structure and lot of content i took from the german version even some lines from the wikibook programming perl, but most of this is written several times over. some parts are also removed because they will inserted on some later point.

i really hope that i didn't wrote too much in the first lines but its ment to be dense. The tablets are not about teaching you to programm nor teaching you to program perl 6 (take the open source book for that). The tablets are about finding a specific information as fast as possible. its an encyclopaedia, but written in a way you could actually learn the language from it, given you have the discipline only read what you need for the moment and ignore the rest you don't understand.

Nevertheless i plan another apendix, a cookbook section, to get a taste of real world perl 6 code.

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